assuring quality in recycled plastic

the Problem

It is becoming increasingly clear, with evermore diverse waste streams, that the need for material analysis and standardisation across the recycling supply chains is essential. Currently one of the biggest single barriers to using more recycled material is providing manufacturers with the reliable technical information they need to use secondary feedstocks in their products. Without solving this, the plastic industry will fail to take full advantage of the economic and ecological benefits of the circular economy.

our Solution

To break down the technical barriers that exist in the market Impact Solutions is currently building a new Centre of Excellence for the recycling of plastic in Scotland opening middle of 2017. The aim of this centre is to further develop the recycling industry by providing independent technical support, testing and certification services to recyclers, compounders and manufacturers. Through acting as a technical link between recyclers and manufacturers, Impact’s Centre of Excellence will increase the quality and quantity of recycled material in the market, growing the circular economy and enabling more diverse waste streams to be used in end products.

our Objectives

our Short Term Goals


our Medium Term Goals

our Long Term Goals